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Germaine Acogny (FR/BJ) + Untold (NL) (Netherlands) - Julidans Extended: Mon élue noire - Sacre #2 & Konfo (Double bill)

Accompanied by the famous melody of Igor Stravinsky’s Sacre du Printemps (Rite of Spring), 70-year-old dance icon Germaine Acogny dances a solo expressing about the depths of her West-African soul, Mon élue noire (‘My black affi nity’). Acogny was the long-time muse of world-famous French choreographer Maurice Béjart. She worked as a dancer in both France and Belgium, where Béjart had his dance company, and in Senegal, where she set up her own dance studio, L’Ecole des Sables.

Tonight we will also showcase Konfo, a dance theatre performance by the cultural Amsterdams youth organisation Untold. Untold uses dance, music and theatre to actively help Dutch youth of African descent with the appreciation of their identity and culture. Konfo is about presenting spiritual strength in the various phases of spiritual development, based on African and Caribbean cultures. With eight dancers and five musicians.



  Fr 7 Jul 17