Technical production

Cherish Menzo (Netherlands) - Jezebel

JEZEBEL is a performance about the sexualization of the black woman in hip hop. The young Dutch dance maker Cherish Menzo was inspired by the Video Vixens, the challenging female performers in the hip-hop videos of the late 90s on MTV. The Vixens were scantily clad female singers who performed in male-dominated music. Yet their influence was great: it was often the Vixens that determined the popularity of the artist. Menzo creates a new Vixen, Jezebel, that refuses to be defined by others. She is looking for ways to claim her image herself. Can Jezebel break down the controversial stereotype associated with the black hip hop honey? How is this video girl redefining herself now?




Foto JEZEBEL-fotografie-Bas-de-Brouwer-naamsvermelding-altijd-verplicht-3 Foto JEZEBEL-fotografie-Bas-de-Brouwer-naamsvermelding-altijd-verplicht-12 Foto JEZEBEL-fotografie-Bas-de-Brouwer-naamsvermelding-altijd-verplicht-24
  Tu 21 Jul 20
  Tu 21 Jul 20