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Shailesh Bahoran (Netherlands) - “Heritage” & “REDO”

Heritage -Shailesh Bahoran / Spin Off / Korzo productions / ISH Dance Collective
In his solo Heritage, Shailesh Bahoran explores his Hindu roots and their significance for his identity as a person and dancer. Bahoran examines Indian mythology and dance tradition from his own disciplines of popping and b-boying (break dance). Bahoran sees many similarities between classical Indian dance and hip hop. Heritage was previously shown at Urban Sources Groningen.

REDO - Shailesh Bahoran / Illusionary Rockaz
At his birth, Redouan Ait Chitt is 6-0 behind. Without any medical explanation, his body shows special abnormalities. His right arm is shorter and misses the elbow joint. He has three fingers on his left and only two on his right. He misses his right hip, has a shorter right leg and walks with the help of a prosthesis. But Redouan doesn't believe in borders. Redouan does not believe in excuses. Redouan believes in himself and that is why he became an internationally renowned breakdancer and motivational speaker: Redo.




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