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Marcela Levi & Lucía Russo / Improvável Produções (Brazil) - grrrRoUNd

Brazilian choreographer Marcela Levi and Argentine Lucía Russo draw inspiration for their performances from their roots. They show how culture (and the music that goes with it) influences our bodies and our identity. In Iron Mouth, these were the rousing beats of the tecnobrega, music that goes back to the Caribbean rhythms of parties along traditional Brazilian smuggling routes. grrRoUNd revolves around the dissonant tritone from classical music.

grrRoUNd is about the value of instability. This is a theme that Levi and Russo have been working on for their entire artistic lives. They discovered that it was also present in classical music, in the 'false tones' of Western contemporary music. It is not a coincidence that they have their distant roots in the 14th century, when Europe was decimated by plague epidemics.

Instability can be viewed negatively, but it is also a catalyst for change. Levi and Russo were fascinated by the dissonant 'tritone', a musical interval consisting of three adjacent whole tones. That sound gives the idea of movement, tension, unrequited desires. The tritone is popular in horror films. In the Middle Ages, the tritone was forbidden - it was the 'diabolus in musica': the devil's interval. The devil causes instability, doubt, and uncertainty. Why, then, are we so attracted to the dark side? "So I ran to the devil," Nina Simone sang. Levi and Russo go after her.

In this Julidans co-production, we meet the dancer again who gave that amazing physical performance in Iron Mouth, Icaro Gaya. He can be seen on stage with five other performers.




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