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Alessandro Sciarroni (Italy) - FOLK-s, will you still love me tomorrow?

FOLK-s is a performance from the Italian performance artist and choreographer Alessandro Sciaronni.

FOLK-s originated from his fascination for old folk dances and how they have managed to retain their popularity up till today. He asked a group of contemporary dancers to rehearse a dance form that is very distant from their everyday experience - the Shuhplattler. In this folk dance from Austria and Bavaria, the performer taps his heels with his hands. This dance is presented at the theatre, far away from popular folk festivals where they are normally performed. Sciaronni and his dancers focused on the sound of the dance; Sciarroni composed this performance by ear, whereby he was guided by the rhythm and the repeating patterns.

FOLK-s is the first part of Sciarroni's series Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow, in which he wants to examine the concept of struggle, perseverance and resistance.




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