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Compagnie Marie Chouinard (Canada) - Etude #1 & Henri Michaux: Mouvements

Marie Chouinard ranks amongst the world's finest. In her continuing efforts to unravel the mystery of the human body, this queen of the avant-garde came upon the book Mouvements (1952) by Belgian surrealist Henri Michaux: a 64 page long 'mescaline trip' of human dingbats drawn with Indian ink, plus a poem. Ten dancers form the visual echo of Michaux's kaleidoscopic lines and dots. Amidst all the physical furiousness, Carole Prieur's vocal solo is praised for it's vulnerable grace.

The solo work Étude #1 is the result of the encounter between the choreographer Marie Chounaird, composer Louis Dufort and dancer Lucie Mongrain. In a minimal, blue rectangle setting that echoes the dancer’s steel-tipped shoes, Marie Chouinard has created a geometric and unbridled dance in five parts – five variations with specific themes and common body movements. The body becomes the pretext for a series of movements at times dislocated, at times undulated, a “steel” dance extended by real time processed sound.


Van Baasbank & Vos


Review Étude #1 in New York Times

**** Review (Dutch) in Theaterkrant

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