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Jamie Adkins (Canada) - Espièglerie, A Fool's Errand

A Fool's Errand is the remedy for melancholy The show is about a virtuoso jester who goes all the way, against the current. Juggling “failed”, balancing on the loose rope with trial and error: Jamie always misleads us and herself and thereby steals the hearts of the audience from young to old.

Accompanied by a charismatic tuba player, the disarming and clumsy clown introduces us to the fragile balance between chaos and control and loneliness and friendship. A Fool’s Errand shows that the art of perseverance can be just as valuable as the success itself.
A poetic and clownish show!


Global Performing Arts Group (GPAG)


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  We 19 Feb 20
  Fr 21 Feb 20
  We 26 Feb 20