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Voetvolk / The Double Collective (Netherlands) - Double Bill: Penelope & The Double


It started in the KVS as a wordless, danced epilogue as a footnote to a twenty-four-hour performance, the integral Odyssey, by a choir of twenty-four men. She wanted to provide an answer and a female counterpart in this virile epic punctuated with revenge, war and blood.

In her solo, Lisbeth Gruwez dances all the hushed women of the Odyssey together: Hélène, the nymphs, the mermaids, Calipso, Circé, not to mention Penelope. All alone, in the middle of the stage, propelled by the repetitive, hypnotic and uplifting score of Maarten Van Cauwenberghe, wrapped in a long black flowing robe and resting on her right foot, the dancer swirls around like a living top and thus expresses the expectation, the desire, the powerlessness, and all the suffering of the woman.

The Double - The Double Collective
Who am I, who is he, who are we? Encountering the déjà vu of yourself, perhaps in a busy city or in a dream. A real meeting of two almost identical people who challenge each other but at the same time show each other their strengths but also weaknesses.

In The Double you will experience it. How they respond to each other. The terror that develops into a journey into the deep layer of physical energy of each other, for each other and for each other. It is a piece that is essentially about discovering yourself, getting to know yourself and finding out how the world really sees you.

We want you as a spectator to discover whether The Double is a real physical doppelganger, or just a fragment, a fantasy.




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  Sa 25 Jul 20
  Sa 25 Jul 20