Technical production

Dunja Jocic (Netherlands) - De Panter

Prize winning choreographer Dunja Jocic is with a thrilling ‘danse-noire’ about the vulnerable individual in a technology-dominated society. In her capricious, electric dance language, she tells the story of a man that becomes entangled in the technological features of his ultra-modern apartment. Soon he has the feeling that he is being watched from the shadows, as if a panther is lurking in the dark. In a desperate last attempt to find life, the man tries to escape the sensation of alienation and oppression.

A man moves into a new apartment in a hypermodern residential tower. His apartment is equipped with the latest technology to make his life more efficient and therefore more pleasant. Entering his new apartment is like entering a new body in which he can do things that were previously unimaginable. However, his existence in the throes of technology begins to imperceptibly alienate him from himself. He wanders in the diffuse realm between himself and the technology that surrounds him. He notices that the other tenants in the building bear a striking resemblance to him. Soon he feels as if he is being watched from the shadows of his apartment, as if a panther lurks in the dark. In a desperate last-ditch attempt to find life again, the man tries to escape his alienation and oppression.

De Panter received the Swan on October 1, 2021 for the most impressive dance production 2021.


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