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De Grote Kunstshow (Netherlands) - De Grote Kunstshow met Bas Kosters

In 2022, a special edition of De Grote Kunstshow will take place, entirely dedicated to Bas Kosters, one of the Netherlands' most idiosyncratic fashion artists. In Arnhem, Amsterdam and Utrecht, De Grote Kunstshow will each be performed several times a day, during the day and in the evening.

De Grote Kunstshow with Bas Kosters is a show that lasts one and a half hours, in which the fashion, drawings, dolls, wall hangings and other expressions of Bas Kosters are brought to life theatrically. Highlights from Koster's multidisciplinary oeuvre are presented with light, music, monologues, interviews and theater and – above all – the motivations and stories behind them are highlighted. Gender identity, beauty ideals, overconsumption, vulnerability and eroticism are the fascinations of Bas Kosters – ideal ingredients for a stimulating art show. The Flemish theater maker Lucas de Man, known for AVROTROS' Kunstuur, will present the Kunstshow. He involves the audience in the Art Show and stimulates them with unexpected thoughts.


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  Sa 19 Mar 22
  Su 20 Mar 22