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Rafaela Carrasco (Spain) - ConCierto Gusto

Rafaela Carrasco is one of the main representatives of the new generation of female flamenco dancers and choreographers who have developed a new, contemporary flamenco language for the future. With subtle grace and elegance typical of the Sevillian school, she delicately investigates the boundaries of flamenco.

Her new show Concierto Gusto, also her Dutch debut, is a return from the great choreographies to an intimate setting, the essence of flamenco. With her body she dances an intense flamenco dialogue with her ​​musicians. Carrasco's flamenco is intimate, full of temptations, and the surprising rhythmic lines of her arms are full of 'arte'. In intimate union with her ​​musicians Rafaela Carrasco gives her personal flamenco recipe. She mixes traditional ingredients with her own spices to own an exquisite dish full of unexpected flavors.

For connoisseurs.


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