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La Conquesta del Pol Sud (Argentina) - Claudia

'Claudia' tells the poignant story of Claudia Poblete, who was taken away from her family as a baby in the years of the Argentine general regime (1976-1983) and brought up by people of the same group who murdered her biological left-wing parents. Claudia grows up in a better neighborhood of Buenos Aires with the firm conviction that she is called Mercedes Beatriz Landa and is a daughter of a retired army colonel.

In 2000, the now 22-year-old system engineer discovered that her life was a big lie. A compulsory DNA test shows that she is one of the hundreds of 'desaparecidos': disappeared children that have been sought for years. Claudia's case marks the beginning of the end of the impunity that military officers enjoyed until then.

Her story is presented as a kind of documentary theater by La Conquesta del Pol Sud, with Claudia as narrator. Her story reveals, bit by bit, what happened to her, supported by documentary images and research facts that the company gathered in Argentina. Language, journalistic research and visual poetry are combined into a penetrating work on memory, law and identity that leaves no one unmoved.

Spoken Spanish with Dutch and English surtitles.


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