Technical production

Liquid Loft / Chris Haring (Austria) - Candy's Camouflage

As moths to the light, the three dancers in Candy's Camouflage by the Austrian choreographer Chris Haring are drawn to the lamps and the cameras. They swarm arond them. Singing, talking endlessly, dancing. They burst into laughter or stare into nothing. Well-known images in times of selfies and self-promotion, but Chris Haring takes his inspiration from further back in time.
After Shiny, Shiny and False Colored Eyes, Candy's Camouflage is the third part in his Imploding Portraits Inevitable Series, inspired by Andy Warhol's early film work, where the ego boosting had already been exalted into art. The title Candy is therefore Candy Darling, the transsexual star from Warhol's entourage. The saturated pop art colors from the first two parts of the series have disappeared this time; In this third part, the black and white of the film Noir prevails. Extreme close-ups, cameras moving along bodies and clothes, always showing a new aspect of the characters who indulge in their femininity.




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