Technical production

Alessandro Sciarroni (Italy) - Augusto

The shocking diaphragm, the mouth that emits sounds. Usually for something funny. That is the traditional version, because laughter is considerably more varied. In the remarkable dance performance Augusto, nine dancers laugh in response to everything. On walking, running or dancing. For sadness, euphoria, fear or pain. Always uncontrollable, often uncomfortable - laughing at yourself hurts. From ha to au. Because the smiling body can no longer be properly choreographed. The performers get tired. Their humanity, which seems to be disappearing, is mercilessly placed under a magnifying glass. Alessandro Sciarroni is a fascinating Italian performance artist who is inspired by circus and sports in particular. His Augusto is about feeling yourself unconditionally loved or the pain of missing it. In the title both the Roman emperor Augustus and the drunken clown August laugh. He is the timeless crap who stumbles over his own shoe. And he laughs at everything.


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  Fr 2 Aug 19
  Sa 3 Aug 19