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Attractor - Productie - TOT

Technical production

Lucy Guerin Inc & Dancenorth (Australia) - Attractor

Attractor unites two of the best Australian dance companies, Lucy Guerin Inc and Dancenorth, traditional Indonesian folk idioms and heavy metal vocals, virtuoso dancers and audiences. Indonesia’s tour-de-force music duo Senyawa reinterprets the Javanese tradition of entering trance through dance and music as a powerful, secular, present-day ritual.

As the performance unfolds, Senyawa’s unique fusion of hand-made electrified stringed instruments with powerful vocals slowly builds to a euphoric pitch while the dancers are propelled into wild physical abandonment and ecstatic release, creating a visceral, empathic experience for the audience. Audiences and performers unite in a cross-cultural, shared ritual. The show is an ode to the power of music and dance.

  Th 16 May 19
  Fr 17 May 19