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Lisbeth Gruwez | Voetvolk (Belgium) - AH / HA

In 2012 Gruwez' solo “It's going to get worse and worse and worse, my friend” was a big hit on July Dance (where she had already attracted the attention in the Vondelpark and Julidans NEXT in previous years). In 2014 she returns with her first group work, AH / HA, a study of ‘the body in ecstasy’.
Five dancers, including Gruwez herself, show what happens to the body when it smiles. How it gives itself, first in a nice relaxation (smile) but soon in a complete loss of control: the guffaw that pushes the body far beyond its borders. In AH / HA Gruwez and her dancers pull out all the stops with laughter, on a physical and psychological level. Until they almost explode with laughter.




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  Fr 4 Jul 14
  Sa 5 Jul 14