Technical production

Yang Zhen (China)

We know Yang Zhen from the Artist's Lab 2016, Julidans' laboratory in which dance makers can develop ideas undisturbed. Zhen works as a freelance choreographer in Beijng. When studying choreography, he not only studied Western ballet and modern dance, but also the traditional dance and music of various Chinese minorities. In a Chinese society that is strictly monitored and controlled by the government, he creates work in which themes such as the suppression of culture, feminism, nationalism, and the clash with human desires take centre stage.

Zhen made an international name for himself with his triptych Revolution Game. In China itself, his work is sometimes problematic. Minorities, the first part of Revolution Game, was not allowed to be shown in China. Zhen put performers belonging to the Chinese minorities on stage and there was a funny animation about Mao - sacrilege! In Europe and North America, Minorities could be seen, as well as Zhen's subsequent productions.

Season 2020-2021
Photo Yang Zhen - Destination