Technical production

WArd/waRD (Belgium)

Through her raw and at the same time human work, Ann Van den Broek has grown in recent years into one of the most talked-about choreographers in the Netherlands and Flanders.

A big part of Ann Van den Broek’s artistic vision can be found in the name of her company. The meaning of ‘ward’, according to the dictionary, reads as follows:
1) the act of guarding; the state of being under guard;
2) guardianship, being under control of a guardian;
3) a means of defense or protection;
4) a division of a jail or prison, or of a hospital;
5) a district or division of a city or town;
6) to fend off, parry;
7) to keep watch over, guard, protect.

In short, in relation to the organization, it is a place where it is safe to congregate and work.

Season 2018-2019
Photo WArd/waRD – Ann Van den Broek - Blueprint on Memory  
Season 2020-2021
Photo WArdwaRD - Creating Joy  
Season 2021-2022
Photo WArdwaRD - Joy Enjoy Joy  
Season 2022-2023
Photo WArdwaRD - Joy Enjoy Joy