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Theatre Day Productions / Kassem Istanbouli (Palestinian Territory (Occupied))

Since 1995, Theatre Day Productions (TDP) has made drama and theater in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank and Jerusalem with and for children and teenagers between 9 and 17 years old. TDP is both a drama training center and a theater playhouse. With a wonderful theater building in the center of the Gaza Strip, they train young adults in the profession of youth theater.

Kassem Istanbouli (1986) is a Lebanese actor and theater director of Palestinian origin. He attended the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Theater Department of the Lebanese University. After graduating he set up his own company (Istanbouli Theatre), and has created many pieces and performed them throughout the world. His pieces focus on the societal reality in Lebanon and always contain a human rights aspect. He believes that exposing Palestinian issues to the West through art and theater is of the utmost importance.

Season 2013-2014
Photo The Room Koum Yaba