Technical production

SpyMonkey (United Kingdom)

The SpyMonkey quartett (three gentlemen and a lady, to be precise: Aitor Basauri, Petra Massey, Toby Park and Stephan Kreiss) brings tasty British humour - think Monty Python and you're not far off. In 2008 they were here with Cooped, and came back in 2011 with Moby Dick.

Seen through Dutch eyes the sets are a bit awkward, but lighting and sound aren't the most complicated and usually well prepared. The shows are in English, but they are used to tour internationally and adapt their use of language, so for Dutch audiences it's usually easy to follow.


SpyMonkey on YouTube

Set designer Graeme Gilmour


Foto SpyMonkey
Season 2010-2011
Photo Spy Monkey - Moby Dick