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Paper Tiger Theater Studio (China)

Beijing Paper Tiger Theater Studio is an independent theatre company. Director Tian Gebing works in collaboration with both professional and non-professional comedians. Tiger Paper Theatre is one of the representative companies of independent theater in China nowadays. Tian Gebing draws his inspiration from the reality of daily life, using it as food for thought for his creations. Each of his works endeavors to push back the limits of stage performing a step further, aiming at liberating theatre practice. His works question the definition of performance, roles, actors and characters.

Since 2003, Beijing Paper Tiger Studio has been performing internationally at festivals such as the Hong Kong Arts Festival, the Singapore Arts Festival, the Zurich International Theater Festival and in various alternative venues such as the Tokyo Heiner Muller Theater, and the Antwerp Monty Theater.


Article about the performance “Cool

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Review about “Cool


Foto res03_attpic_brief Foto COOL_PT_055-Version-2 Foto "COOL", a work by Tian Gebing performed by Paper Tiger Theater Studio at the Chaoyang Cultural Center, Beijing, China. Foto Cool
Season 2013-2014
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