Technical production

Mohamed Toukabri (Tunisia)

It’s no wonder that Toukrabi knows how to combine ballet with breakdance like no other. The boy who, as a thirteen-year-old, was known as the best head spinner in the city on the streets of Tunis (artist name: Benny!), was later seen dancing in performances by the world's greatest choreographers. Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui and Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, to name but two.
Toukrabi studied at De Keersmaeker's prestigious dance training P.A.R.T.S. and then joined the multidisciplinary group Needcompany. He also did a follow-up study in Tunis. All these influences are reflected in his dance: east and west, street dance and ballet.

Season 2018-2019
Photo Oona Doherty - Hope Hunt and the Ascension into Lazarus