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Miguel Poveda (Spain)

Reloading Flamenco is a delicate matter. But Miguel Poveda searched, found and conquered. The young singer from Barcelona triumphed at home and abroad. In Spain superlatives fail to describe him: maestro, genius, the Numero Uno ...

With great sensitivity and respect for tradition Poveda takes his freedom within the classical canon of the old 'cante jondo' and breaks the boundaries of the genre with a large dose of originality and creativity, just like his idol singer Enrique Morente did. With a voice full of restrained emotion Poveda sings the greatest joy and pain of life with the wisdom and purity of an old 'cantaor'. Purists and innovators like him. Poveda - neither gypsy nor 'andaluz' - has developed into one of the icons of modern flamenco.

Season 2013-2014
Photo Miguel Poveda - Intermezzo