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KM29 (Argentina)

KM29 started in 2010 in Casa Joven La Salle Gonzalez Catán through a physical training workshop. The same year they showed a work-in-progress in the Festival de Danza Contemporánea CABA 2010. They opened their first work Los Posibles, which ran for 4 seasons at the Centro de Experimentación Contemporánea del Teatro Argentino and El Cultural San Martín (2011 – 2013).Later, they created the Training Program for young people (KM29DANZA) in Gonzalez Catán.

They co-produce the film Los Posibles together with La union de los ríos, under the direction of Santiago Mitre and Juan Onofri Barbato. The film opened at Bafici Cinema Festival in 2013 and was presented in festivals in South Korea, Sweden, Spain, Israel, USA, Chile and more. Their experience was documented in several books, academic publications and magazines.


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Season 2014-2015
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