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José Mercé (Spain)

When José Mercé sings, the old gypsy flamenco tradition revives in all its grandeur. Noble and heavy like a good wine. As heir and nephew of the legendary singer Manuel Soto Sordera
he has been representing the family for over 40 years. José Mercé touches the souls in major concert halls around the world. But also in sports palaces where he, as a real flamenco rock star, engaged a huge new young audience in Spain in the late 90s. With his pop and latin sound Mercé brought fresh air into flamenco country. His albums reached unprecedented record sales, the song "Aire" was No. 1 for months in the Spanish charts.
José Mercé like no other shows that a modern sound does no harm to the old tradition. For some purists he went too far. But convinced of his own art the singer replied: "Pure is everything you feel, everything your heart tells you when you sing." When Mercé puts all his flamenco cards on the table, a respectful listening applies.

Season 2012-2013
Photo Jose Merce - In Concert