Technical production

Jo Strømgren Kompani (Norway)

The Jo Strømgren Kompani was founded in 1998 and toured over 40 countries with over 20 different productions.

They make a mix of theatre, dance, puppetry, film and live music .

In 2011 A Dance Tribute to the Art of Football was their first Dutch tour.


YouTube channel of the Jo Strømgren Kompani


Foto EXPproductionsbilde3 (c) Knut Bry Foto EXPproductionsbilde1 (c) Knut Bry 2 Foto EXPproductionsbilde1 (c) Knut Bry
Season 2010-2011
Photo Jo Stromgren Kompany - A Dance Tribute To the Art of Football  
Season 2013-2014
Photo Jo Stromgren - A Dance Tribute To Ping Pong