Technical production

Jefta van Dinther (Sweden)

Jefta van Dinther (NL/SE) is a choreographer and dancer working between Stockholm and Berlin. His work is characterized by a rigorous physical approach and always implies a staged research of movement itself. The moving body is centerfold in his work but belongs to and interacts with a body of light, sound and materials that constitute an environment of perception and sensation. The dancers work and dance their way through various environments: their processes exhibited live on stage become performances. Jefta's works deal with notions of illusion, the visible and the invisible, synesthesia, darkness, labour, the uncanny, affect, voice and image. They often play with formats of presentation, and range from traditional dispositifs to installation like settings as well as from smaller intimate performances to large scale productions.

Season 2014-2015
Photo Jefta Van Dinther - As It Empties Out  
Season 2015-2016
Photo Jefta Van Dinther - As It Empties Out  
Season 2017-2018
Photo Jefta van Dinther - Dark Field Analysis