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Diego El Cigala (Spain)

Diego "El Cigala" has the grit in his voice that touches souls worldwide. The Gypsy singer from Madrid's Lavapies is a great interpreter of the classical, deep flamenco song - the cante jondo. He knows to forge its own musical worlds with subtle flexibility. In the same way he takes possession to Cuban classics with much feeling on Lagrimas Negras, the famous album he recorded with pianist Bebo Valdés and that became his international breakthrough, he weaves Argentine Tango and Flamenco into a new style on his last cd Cigala & Tango. It’s already called ‘Acigalar ' in Spanish flamenco circles. Flamenco, tango, latin jazz, bolero and son melt together in a refined musical universe without borders. He is accompanied by the swinging guitar of Diego del Morao, son of the maestro Moraíto Chico, who passed away in 2012.


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Season 2012-2013
Photo Diego El Cigala - Flamenco Tango