Technical production

Dickson Mbi & Maya Dong (United Kingdom)

Dickson Mbi is a well-known name in the hip hop world, where he is admired for his technique, his strength and his positive attitude. He has a broad background in jazz, ballet and contemporary dance, he danced with pop stars like Basement Jaxx, Robbie Williams and Black Eyed Peas and received three major British dance awards.

Maya Dong belongs to the ethnic Bai minority in China and grew up in a small village. When she was twelve, she was asked by one of China's best-known dance stars, Yang Liping, to dance with her company. Dong was featured in some of Liping's most iconic works, including Under Siege (seen in Amsterdam during the Explore Festival) and Peacock Winter.

Season 2017-2018
Photo Portraits in Otherness #1