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Compañia Rocío Molina (Spain)

Rocío Molina (1984) is a dancer with a bite. Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant wrote about her: "The Spanish flamenco critic Juan Vergillos, who answered questions from the audience before the show, hesitated to call Rocío Molina innovative.

According to the Spanish press the small, very young dancer and choreographer dances 'like God' and managed to get many dance lovers and colleagues at her feet. Literally. Among themMikhail Baryshnikov.

She takes the flamenco to a theatrical setting and adapts the different traditions to her own style. She is not the only flamenco woman to do this. But: 'Molina is complete and on top of that very good, with exceptionally virtuous foot work', so Vergillos from Sevilla promised. Sevilla is her home." (Mirjam van der Linden, 25-01-2011)


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Season 2010-2011
Photo Rocio Molina - Oro Viejo  
Season 2013-2014
Photo Intermezzo Flamenco Rocío Molina & La Tremendita  
Season 2015-2016
Photo Intermezzo Flamenco Rocío Molina & La Tremendita  
Season 2016-2017
Photo Caida del Cielo