Technical production

Compagnie Feria Musica (Belgium)

The Dutch Triodos Bank, who supports the company financially, writes about them: "The company Feria Musica was founded in 1995 and stands out thanks to research about contemporary circus. After ‘Liaisons Dangereuses’ (1997), ‘Calcinculo’ (2000) and ‘Le Vertige du Papillon’ (2004) in 2010 the ‘Infundibulum’ tour started.

The core of Feria Musica is the cooperation between acrobats, musicians, choreographers, creative designers and theatre artists. The creators the company gathers are rather diverse. They are all prepared to join the adventure without pushing to use their own skills. Working with so many people who are so different, to create an intense melting pot of sentiments, emotions and desires: that is what Feria Musica is about."

In 2004 they performed Le Vertige du Papillon in Drachten. In 2011 they came back with Infundibulum.

Season 2010-2011
Photo Feria Musica - Infundibulum  
Season 2011-2012
Photo Feria Musica - Infundibulum