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Cia Hiato (Brazil)

The name chosen by the group – Hiato (Hiatus) – gives us traces of their artistic choices and justifies the continued research of new dramaturgies and scenic forms that raise questions about the "difference", ways of reality perception, the lacuna among experience, language and multiplicity of perspectives constitute our conscience, in other words, our invention of a cohesive and singular self.

The spectacles created by the group rise from very personal questions: "what is the distance between what I say and what you understand/want to of what I have said? What is the size of the lacuna existent between my experience and the language? What can I express of my experience?" And, to answer those questions we have to consider that there are different forms of perceiving the world beyond the norm. It makes us regress more and ask: How can perception of the world, behavior, and ways of thinking be considered appropriate or inappropriate if they are unique? The Companhia Hiato believes transforming those questions into creative process is a way, more than answering, shares such uncertainness.


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Season 2013-2014
Photo Cia Hiato - O Jardim  
Season 2018-2019
Photo Leonardo Moreira - Odisseia