Technical production

Christos Papadopoulos (Greece)

Papadopoulos makes minimalist, very precise, extremely pure dance. Even so, a theme that directly affects us lies underneath. His performances are about living together, about the functioning of individuals in the group. A French critic called Papadopoulos 'a necessary new face in the dance world'. However, the Greek arrived late and unexpectedly in the dance world. He studied Political Science and discovered his passion for dance only afterwards. But then things moved fast. After studying dance in Amsterdam (School for New Dance Development) and Athens, his work was immediately picked up by international festivals, including Julidans (Elvedon, 2017 and ION, 2019). Papadopoulos was also asked to make the choreography for the opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games in Athens.

Season 2020-2021
Photo Papadopoulos - OPUS