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Chandralekha Dance Company (India)

Follow the news and you know that the rights of women in modern India are still poor. Someone who drew attention to this there years ago was the quirky and controversial choreographer Chandralekha (1928-2006). Not only did she, trained in classical Bharathanatyam, break the boundaries between Indian dance styles, yoga and martial arts - a mortal sin in the eyes of purists - and stripped the dance of its religious context, but she also "spoke" boldly about lovemaking, the unification of man and woman. Dance was a celebration of the body, and the sensual power of the female body was thereby central. Not surprising therefore that this woman activist was admired by a celebrity like Pina Bausch.


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Season 2006-2007
Photo Chandralekha - Sharira  
Season 2015-2016
Photo Chandralekha - Sharira