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Carmen Linares (Spain)

Carmen Linares was born as Carmen Pacheco Rodríguez in Linares in 1951. Her family moved to Madrid in 1965, where she met the most renowned and veteran cantaores, Pepe Matrona, Juan Varea and Rafael Romero. At the end of the decade, she began her professional journey, making her record label debut in 1970.

Carmen was one of the first flamenco artists to perform in the Lincoln Centre. She has looked after her artistic direction meticulously and has earned prestigious prizes. Last year she completed another great challenge: getting involved with Juan Ramón Jiménez’s poetry. The result is the album ‘Raices y Alas’ in which she worked with the musical composition of Juan Carlos Romero.

Her authentic and powerful cante is enriched by her knowledge of the art of flamenco with which she moves the public in a spontaneous and sincere way.


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