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7 Fingers (Canada)

Founded in Montreal in 2002, Le 7 Doigts initial goal was to bring circus to a human scale. They began as artists on stage, creating collectively, and soon branched out, expanding their creative talents as directors, choreographers, writers and coaches, passing on their collaborative and unique 7 Doigts process to a new generation of circus artists.

Out of this emerged Loft, Traces, La Vie, Psy, Projet Fibonacci, Patinoire, A Muse and Séquence 8. A relaxed and funky artist’s loft, a bunker, purgatory, or a psychiatrist’s office, an international collaboration of cultures or a solo clown show, each show offers a distinct setting and yet carries the same 7 Doigts-print.

In addition Le 7 Doigts have developed a special events department through which they have delivered a diverse range of projects, including participation in The Royal Variety Performance for the Queen of England, ceremonies of both the Turin and Vancouver Olympics, large corporate events for companies such as Caterpillar and BMW, directing the National Circus School end-of-year show 2 years in a row, and many more.


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Season 2011-2012
Photo 7Fingers - Psy
Season 2013-2014
Photo 7 Fingers - Sequence 8  
Season 2016-2017
Photo 7 Fingers - Bosch Dreams  
Season 2018-2019
Photo 7 Fingers - Reversible  
Season 2019-2020
Photo The 7 Fingers - Passagers