Technical production

Lisbeth Gruwez | Voetvolk (Belgium) - The Sea Within

In The Sea Within we do not only see the highly explosive dance we are used to from Gruwez - author Peter Verhelst called her "an atomic bomb", but also an intense, hypnotic performance. As if you are looking at swirling lava. Or the impetuous waves of the sea. Gruwez says she does not want to organize the chaos this time, but wants to see what creates chaos. In this meditative, magnetizing production, ten female dancers seem to be immersed in a breathtaking landscape. As always Van Cauwenberghe composed the music for a performance that stimulates all our senses.




Foto TheSeaWithin©DannyWillems18D11121 Foto TheSeaWithin©DannyWillemsDW-10616 Foto TheSeaWithin©DannyWillemsDW-21369 Foto TheSeaWithin©DannyWillems_8D20742
  Mo 2 Jul 18
  Tu 3 Jul 18