Technical production

Krisztina de Châtel / Stephen Shropshire (Netherlands) - Julidans NL: Thirteen Images from the Dark Land & We Are Nowhere Else But Here (Double Bill)

Thirteen Images From The Dark Land is one of Kristina de Châtels rare male duets. De Châtel created this work on a composition by the American avant-garde composer George Crumb - in 2017 still a special guest of the Holland Festival. The Châtel follows the music to portray the journey of the soul in the human body in thirteen images. Just like the music, her dancers are sometimes devilish, aggressive and macabre and then again subtle and tender.

We Are Nowhere Else But Here is about living together, accepting each other in all our differences and looking beyond generalizations and first impressions. Two dancers explore their relationship to each other in all kinds of situations, to music by Beethoven and Schubert.



  Th 5 Jul 18