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Living Dance Studio (China)

The Beijing based dance theatre company the Living Dance Studio was founded in 1994?by choreographer Wen Hui and documentary maker Wu Wenguang. Before starting this company together, both artists were already well-known and respected for their achievements in their respective work fields.

The Living Dance Studio is an independent company, which means they get no funding from and are not facilitated in any other way by the Chinese government .

Due to their break of taboos and the unorthodox theatrical appearance, the Living Dance Studio is seen as revolutionary in China. The performances, a combination of dance, videos and setting, are a documentary of the exist in contemporary China, in which they don’t avoid taboos.

The company has performed at the Julidans festival several times in the past.


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Season 2012-2013
Photo Living Dance Studio - Listening to third grandmother  
Season 2015-2016
Photo Living Dance Studio - Red